Croquete Balls (6) Antique Primitive Rustic Wooden

woodenBalls-b-9170 woodenBalls-b-9171 woodenBalls-b-9172

This collection of six wooden croquete balls are over 100 years old. They came from the home of one of the founders of a local community, never married, she grew old and passed away in the home in which she grew up. Little that came into the large old house ever left although she was neat as a pin. We decided not to clean them, they have been cloaked in the same original soil and wear for the two decades we have had them. We have had fun using them in historic displays and photographs.
Measurements: 3.5″ diameter

Vintage National Washboard

Vintage National Washboard Oak Wood Galvanized Metal Vintage National Washboard Oak Wood Galvanized Metal Vintage National Washboard Oak Wood Galvanized Metal

This sinewy form transcends this washboard from its former functional place in history to an object of simple, minimalist beauty. Start a collection of these once ubiquitous utilitarian objects, each ribbed board shoulders its own story. Imagine a wall in your loft devoid of liitle but a well curated collection of washboards. We have had friends that have rocked collections of domestic artifacts such as clothes pins, wood clothing hangers, rolling pins, … Washboards have sufficient cachet to have captured the attention of star artist Chuck Close. The New York Times style magazine “The Collections of Artists” selected Close’s collection among four art luminaries. What is but one of the objects of his attention? Washboards! This is an early National washboard marked patented December 21, 1897, Chicago, Saginaw, Memphis.

Measurements: 24.5″ tall, 12.5″ wide, 2 .75″ deep

Handmade Ceramic and Fabric OOAK Clown Toy Doll

clown doll

clown doll

clown doll

This very unusual, and very well made, handmade clown who was lovingly made down to the small red heart in the glaze on one of its two ceramic saddle shoes. The details are endearing. He was made with a flexible metal armiture enabling movement of arms, legs . He is cushy, soft with the exception of the ceramic details. The head, hands, and shoes with a lone big toe sticking out are fired, and glazed ceramic. His fine hair looks like it was pressed through a ricer or similar extruding device. His clothing is made of fabric and felt with internal stuffing. He is very clean, with ony a few nicks in the glaze on the soles of his shoes. A friend gave him to us in the late 90s when she was down sizing, to include in our large figurative collection.

Measurements: 18″ standing, 6″ shoulder width

Apollinaris Glazed Ceramic Advertising Match Striker


apollinaris match striker

This beautiful glazed and crazed Apollinaris advertising match holder and striker is an inch larger in diameter than similar match strikers. Apollinaris is a German brand of mineral water which is still available for sale in Europe (and was on sale in the UK at the time the match striker was made) and the U.S. As beautiful as the cobalt blue is on this match striker, we don’t know why they bottled and marketed the mineral water in a green bottle until recently after Coca Cola purchased the company from Cadbury Schweppes.

This Apollinaris match striker was made by the firm of W. Wood & Co, as marked on the bottom. W.Wood & Co operated between 1873 and 1932, from the Albert Street Works in Burslem, Staffordshire. The mark on this striker dates the piece from between 1915 and 1932, a similar knot work mark but without the crown was used previously on pieces made between 1880 and 1915. In addition to the ornate crown, it contains the symbol of the County of Stafford, and was used by many of the potters from Stoke on Trent. The handsome three loop knot represents “the knot unites.”

This striker does not have ridges per se, it has a rough surface for strikes between the two bands. The ample sloped dish area allows for remnants of used matches to safely be placed after use.

We picked this rich piece of advertising, pub, and smoking memorabilia in the midwest at an estate auction.

Measurements: 4.5″ diameter x 3″ tall

Five Vintage Tourist Attraction Bullet Pencils

Vintage Tourist Attraction Bullet Pencils bulletPencilA-b-8168
This is an instant collection featuring family vacation destinations and tourist attractions. These collectible bullet pencils were mementos and souvenirs unique to an era, as well as a means of advertising and promotion.

They each have a “bullet” tip which when pulled out reveals the pencil with its protected, sharpened lead. The second segment of the pencil consists of the printed, early plastic cover with the eraser on the other end.

Among this group of five, there is one for ” The Loop” at the Great Smoky Mountains and the “World Famous Tree House” on the Redwood Highway in California. Also included is a very detailed image of the lake and frolicking vacationers at Ideal Beach Resort at Shafer Lake in Monticello, Indiana. There is also one from Monticello the “Home of Thomas Jefferson” which depicts the famous image of the stately house. The last of five is an unusual destination, The Ohio State Office Building” in the state capitol of Ohio, Columbus.

Measurements: approximately 4″ long x .5″ wide

Seven Vintage John Deere and Farm Supply Advertising Bullet Pencils

farm bullet pencils

It is easy to date these vintage advertising bullet pencils as being from the 1940s and the 1950s. Some don’t even include phone digits, let alone the ubiquitous web urls we are now provided for businesses. Most of this group’s include a several digit number, which assumes a local connection for the user. These pencils were unique to an era.

They each have a “bullet” tip which when pulled out reveals the pencil with its protected, sharpened lead. The second segment of the pencil consists of the printed, early plastic cover with the eraser on the other end. These bullet pencils may be seen in photographs of farmers in their denim overalls. Each overall bib had a sewn area for a writing utensil such as a bullet pencil. These and similar bullet pencils were not only a savvy means of advertising for local, regional, or national advertising of farm equipment, seed, and other similar services, but a functional, if not necessary writing instrument back in the day.

This is an instant collection on which to build for anyone interested in John Deere equipment, farming, writing instruments, or the history of advertising ephemera. Included are two John Deere (four legged deer). and one Pioneer Seed Corn bullet pencil. Two of the seven appear to have been lightly used or not used. Six are in very good vintage condition. We have included a seventh bullet pencil, this one from Stark Trucking. Although we could, no doubt, use a pliers to pull it open, we have not.

The full list and related companies or towns: John Deere/Wolf Sales Co., Scio, Ohio / John Deere Cedarville, Ohio / Welch HIGRADE Fertilizers / Pioneer Corn Co., Tipton, Ohio / Madison Farm Bureau, London, Ohio / C. E. Hill, “On the bank of the Deer Creek, Williamsport, Ohio / Stark Trucking, Fountanelle, Iowa

Measurements: approximately 4″ long x .5” wide