Vintage National Washboard

Vintage National Washboard Oak Wood Galvanized Metal Vintage National Washboard Oak Wood Galvanized Metal Vintage National Washboard Oak Wood Galvanized Metal

This sinewy form transcends this washboard from its former functional place in history to an object of simple, minimalist beauty. Start a collection of these once ubiquitous utilitarian objects, each ribbed board shoulders its own story. Imagine a wall in your loft devoid of liitle but a well curated collection of washboards. We have had friends that have rocked collections of domestic artifacts such as clothes pins, wood clothing hangers, rolling pins, … Washboards have sufficient cachet to have captured the attention of star artist Chuck Close. The New York Times style magazine “The Collections of Artists” selected Close’s collection among four art luminaries. What is but one of the objects of his attention? Washboards! This is an early National washboard marked patented December 21, 1897, Chicago, Saginaw, Memphis.

Measurements: 24.5″ tall, 12.5″ wide, 2 .75″ deep

Vintage Cherry Wood Bourbon, Cognac or Brandy Snifters

cherry cups-b-8365

cherry cups-b-8366

This beautifully proportioned and skillfully turned (1/8″) pair of snifters were a gift, from the early 80s, well intentioned, but never used. We now envision them being used to enjoy a Kentucky Bourbon, an aged Cognac, a Lambic beer, …. We presume the natural, unstained wood is Cherry. No finish finish to confuse your taste buds! They exude a rich glow reminiscent of the spirits associated with these vessels. The wide bottom design is classic, purposeful, allowing the imbiber to swirl, sniff, and enjoy the nuances of the bouquet. The round bowl creates a natural cup to encircle with one’s hand or hands. These would make a sophisticated, tasteful gift for a connoisseur of fine things.

Measurements: 5.25″ tall x 3.50 wide x 3.50 deep