Crushed Velvet Neon Heart Light

velvet Neon Heart velvetNeonHeart-b--3

Turn on your love light with this neon crushed velvet heart. This sensual prop was originally created as a decorative focal point for the Valentine’s Day dinner seatings and party at a trendy restaurant and lounge. Made of velvet, with a wood base, the red neon surrounds the heart in a halo of seductive light. It is powered by a solid state transformer, with 6′ cord, which plugs into a 120V (house current) grounded receptacle. The entire piece weighs less than 20#, complete with hanger assembly.

Measurements: 42″ tall, 44″ wide, 4.5″ deep

Croquete Balls (6) Antique Primitive Rustic Wooden

woodenBalls-b-9170 woodenBalls-b-9171 woodenBalls-b-9172

This collection of six wooden croquete balls are over 100 years old. They came from the home of one of the founders of a local community, never married, she grew old and passed away in the home in which she grew up. Little that came into the large old house ever left although she was neat as a pin. We decided not to clean them, they have been cloaked in the same original soil and wear for the two decades we have had them. We have had fun using them in historic displays and photographs.
Measurements: 3.5″ diameter

Retro 80s Italian Plastic Office Pencil/Pen Holder and Sharpener

pencil holder
pencil holder
This retro plastic pencil and pen display, marked made in Italy, was purchased in 1985. It assures orderly storage and a built in pencil sharpener! Functional and definitely hip enough to display on a desk in office or counter for convenient use. It shows use but is in good vintage condition.

Measurements: 3″ tall x 3″ wide x 3″ deep

Vintage Nan Swid Silver Plated Three Piece On-Ice Bowl


This gorgeous three piece set includes one bowl, a tray insert, and a glass bowl insert. Two of the three pieces could be used independently of the others. An ideal use would be for an hors d’oeuvre that should remain cold. Imagine: ice in the bowl, shrimp arranged on the tray, a cocktail sauce in the glass bowl. Or, better, the elegance and beauty of caviar presented in this refined vessel. Marked Nan Swid with sticker “Made in China” this bowl was created prior to 1982 when Nan Swid and Addie Powell left Knoll International and founded SwidPowell.

Known for producing objects with form and function, SwidPowell commissioned pieces from internationally known architects. Architects included Richard Meier, Robert A.M. Stern, Frank Gehry and other design luminaries. The wares they produced ranged from silver to porcelain, candlesticks to tea pots.

The two pieces are silver plated, the third, glass. All pieces are in very good to excellent vintage condition.

Measurements: 10″ diameter x 4.75″ tall, glass bowl 3.5″ x 2.25″

Vintage Neon Signs

electric ice tea neon sign

electric ice tea neon sign

bar air conditioned neon sign

bar air conditioned neon sign

We make neon, among the many things we create as designers in our studio. Our work has been represented in magazines, newspapers, television, film. It may also be seen in books by the artist, and authority Rudy Stern. The New Let There Be Neon, and Contemporary Neon, include our work for consumer goods giant Procter + Gamble, as well as indie businesses and restaurants. The late, Mr. Stern describes our studio City Lights Neon (Cincinnati) as “one of the most innovative workshops in the country, known for its craftsmanship and high level of design expertise.”

These neon signs would make a great gift as an addition to either one’s personal bar or a commercial environment. They were originally made and used by a client. We have since cleaned and refurbished the piece with a new solid state transformer. They are assembled on painted metal frames and are ready to be plugged in.

Contemporary Tea Light Candle Holder Sconce

Contemporary Tea Light Candle Holder Sconce

Contemporary Tea Light Candle Holder Sconce

This tea light candle sconce appears contemporary and arts and crafts simultaneously. It is both stylized and organic. The material of the candle holder looks like copper but we believe it is an applied finish because it has no patina. The organic portion is steel that looks like pewter which adds to its arts and crafts charm. It is lightweight and mounts with two screws which are included.

Measurements: 17″ tall x 16.5″ wide x 11.75″ deep

Vintage Cherry Wood Bourbon, Cognac or Brandy Snifters

cherry cups-b-8365

cherry cups-b-8366

This beautifully proportioned and skillfully turned (1/8″) pair of snifters were a gift, from the early 80s, well intentioned, but never used. We now envision them being used to enjoy a Kentucky Bourbon, an aged Cognac, a Lambic beer, …. We presume the natural, unstained wood is Cherry. No finish finish to confuse your taste buds! They exude a rich glow reminiscent of the spirits associated with these vessels. The wide bottom design is classic, purposeful, allowing the imbiber to swirl, sniff, and enjoy the nuances of the bouquet. The round bowl creates a natural cup to encircle with one’s hand or hands. These would make a sophisticated, tasteful gift for a connoisseur of fine things.

Measurements: 5.25″ tall x 3.50 wide x 3.50 deep

Karim Rashid for Nambe Studio Jimini Cream and Sugar Vessels

Nambe Jimini Cream and Sugar Vessels
Nambe Studio Jimini Cream and Sugar Vessels
Nambe Studio Jimini Cream and Sugar Vessels
Nambe Studio Jimini Cream and Sugar Vessels

International design star Karim Rashid knows few bounds. Industrial designer, graphic designer, interior designer, … his dna has effected brands and their products we live with and reach for daily. Samsung, Artemide, Alessi, Umbra, Method, as just a few. His influence on design is phenomenal, profound, his mark is recognizable, iconic.

Jimini, as this two piece cream and sugar duo (numbers 6107 and 6108) are known, was designed by Karim Rashid for Nambe Studio, in 1994, prior to his commission for Alessi. Made of the trademark Nambe alloy, food safe, easily cleaned, and maintained. Nambe is a foundry near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since 1951Nambe has been known for its sandcast, handcrafted and finished artisan process. No two pieces are exactly alike. They exude casual luxury with their trademark alloy finish and functionality.

The pieces are in very good to excellent vintage condition. Difficult to find, if not rare, they are highly collectible as Nambe coupled with Karim Rashid design affiliation.