Modern 60s White Panasonic Cube Radio

Panasonic "cube", model R-47A radio Panasonic "cube", model R-47A radio Panasonic "cube", model R-47A radio


Vintage in a historical sense, this plastic transistor radio referred to as the Panasonic “cube”, model R-47A exhibits pure modern design and pays homage to Eero Saarinen by eliminating a “slum of legs” with a singular tulip pedestal. Manufactured in the 60s by Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, the cube measures approximately 4″ x 4″, 5.5″ tall; elevated on the iconic tulip base.

The plastic is a sophisticated matte finish, off white. The dial face is silver behind a clear eye. The graphics are mod, if not groovy, frequency numerals are in purple with a clear dial needle punctuated by an orange bubble design that can be seen through the edge of the clear plastic. The AM only frequency,volume, and on/off are controlled by two ridged silver dials on one side. The speaker is on the opposite side comprised minimally of perforations in the molded plastic. There is a jack for an earphone on the back.

Minimal in design, it has a few minimal nicks or scuffs among its simple angles, curves, and surfaces. These minor imperfections do not effect the significance of this iconic mid-century piece. Tested for full range of volume and frequency tuning, the radio requires a single 9 Volt battery (not included.)

As a design product, this Panasonic “cube” radio is a rare find in working condition exhibiting not only innovation and invention but featuring elements of other design disciplines of the 60s. This radio would be a treasured beginning or addition for someone interested in MCM design, a radio collector, a graphic artist, an industrial designer, a 60s music or record collector, …

Measurements: 5.5″ tall, 4″ wide, 4″ deep

Vintage 60s Mid Century Modern Robert Long Ltd. Lighting Polished Chrome Chandelier

robertLongChandelier-b-9189 robertLongChandelier-b-9194 robertLongChandelier-b-9196 robertLongChandelier-b-9198

This stunning Mid Century Modern design chandelier has a 3′ chromed chain and chromed canopy. It was produced in the 60s by Robert Long Ltd. in Sausalito, California. A small firm, Robert Long Ltd., existed between the 1960s through the 1980s. Typically, their designs were minimalist, architectural, simple. Specified for not only modern commercial offices, as well as stylish modern homes, the fixtures are considered to be of highest quality. This fixture with its highly reflective chrome (bumper quality) finish is wired to excite the visual senses. We acquired it from an office building owned by a friend which housed a design firm which was moving to bigger digs.

The chandelier is in excellent vintage condition features five tubular light cylinders each with one up lights and one down light, or 10 total lamps. We recommend reflector bulbs for the best effect, not included.

Measurements: tubes 11″ tall, 12″ central ring, 18″ diameter

Dansk Spiral Silver Plated Candle Holder

Dansk spiral candleholder



his Danish modern spiral was designed by Bertilli Vallieni also known for his art glass works. Marked “Dansk Designs France BV” this is an Eams era, mid century modern design produced in the 60s. Marked “France,” re-productions were later made in China. Silver plated, it holds 12 thin taper candles along its sensuous curves. We even have an original box of Dansk candles which was nibbled on by a naughty family dog. No worries, buyer may purchase candles, readily available through a variety of sources.

Modernist Still Life Handmade Puzzle “Painting”

modernist flower puzzle


This is a wonderful modernist floral still life that is also a 26 piece puzzle. Quarter inch furniture grade plywood was used for the puzzle. The pieces appear to have first been cut then a light stain was applied to the tops and sides of specific puzzle pieces. It was made and signed by the artist “Kari.” We found it at an estate sale in the midwest assembled and placed in an acrylic “frame” with backing sold with frame which may be hung like a painting.

Measurements: approximately 8″ x 10″ x 1.25″