Five Vintage Tourist Attraction Bullet Pencils

Vintage Tourist Attraction Bullet Pencils bulletPencilA-b-8168
This is an instant collection featuring family vacation destinations and tourist attractions. These collectible bullet pencils were mementos and souvenirs unique to an era, as well as a means of advertising and promotion.

They each have a “bullet” tip which when pulled out reveals the pencil with its protected, sharpened lead. The second segment of the pencil consists of the printed, early plastic cover with the eraser on the other end.

Among this group of five, there is one for ” The Loop” at the Great Smoky Mountains and the “World Famous Tree House” on the Redwood Highway in California. Also included is a very detailed image of the lake and frolicking vacationers at Ideal Beach Resort at Shafer Lake in Monticello, Indiana. There is also one from Monticello the “Home of Thomas Jefferson” which depicts the famous image of the stately house. The last of five is an unusual destination, The Ohio State Office Building” in the state capitol of Ohio, Columbus.

Measurements: approximately 4″ long x .5″ wide