Handmade Ceramic and Fabric OOAK Clown Toy Doll

clown doll

clown doll

clown doll

This very unusual, and very well made, handmade clown who was lovingly made down to the small red heart in the glaze on one of its two ceramic saddle shoes. The details are endearing. He was made with a flexible metal armiture enabling movement of arms, legs . He is cushy, soft with the exception of the ceramic details. The head, hands, and shoes with a lone big toe sticking out are fired, and glazed ceramic. His fine hair looks like it was pressed through a ricer or similar extruding device. His clothing is made of fabric and felt with internal stuffing. He is very clean, with ony a few nicks in the glaze on the soles of his shoes. A friend gave him to us in the late 90s when she was down sizing, to include in our large figurative collection.

Measurements: 18″ standing, 6″ shoulder width

Vintage Large Handmade Split Willow Triple Handle Woven Basket

woven willow basket

woven willow basket

A beautifully hand woven split and natural willow basket. It was purchased in the 80s at a juried art and craft fair in the midwest. Large and fully functional, it was originally made and then purchased as a display piece. A great piece around which to build a collection of fine baskets or as an addition to your existing group.

Silver Chevron Memphis Inspired 80s Zig Zag Candlesticks

candlesticks-b-11 candlesticks-b-12
Boring, endless research aside, we remain excited about this pair of one of a kind candlesticks. Their design is anything but boring! Originally purchased in the 80s, as designers, we recognize these as another example of works inspired by the international design movement referred to as Memphis. The group, comprised of industrial designers working chiefly in Milan, Italy included Ettore Sottssass, Matteo Thun, Peter Shire, George Sowden, Michele De Lucchi, Nathalie du Pasquier, Marco Zannini, … The influence of the then avante-garde design was also seen stateside. The playful geometry, including chevrons, or zig zags, and circles on these extraordinary candlesticks; a nod to modern or post modern design.

Believed to be solid sterling, unmarked by artist, designer, or maker, these candlesticks are beautiful, individually made, sand cast. While the patina from decades of storage was lovely, we chose to clean and polish them prior to photographing them. They have never been used for anything but display, obvious from the design and pristine condition of the candle holders.

Measurements: 8″ tall x 5″ wide x 2″ deep

Modernist Still Life Handmade Puzzle “Painting”

modernist flower puzzle


This is a wonderful modernist floral still life that is also a 26 piece puzzle. Quarter inch furniture grade plywood was used for the puzzle. The pieces appear to have first been cut then a light stain was applied to the tops and sides of specific puzzle pieces. It was made and signed by the artist “Kari.” We found it at an estate sale in the midwest assembled and placed in an acrylic “frame” with backing sold with frame which may be hung like a painting.

Measurements: approximately 8″ x 10″ x 1.25″