Devil and Nun Two Faces Duality Bronze

Devil and Nun match holder
Devil and Nun Match holder
DevilandNun Match holder-b-9622
Devil and Nun Match holder
DevilandNun Match holder-b-9619

This study in contrast of good and evil, heaven and hell- duality, features the face of a nun in habit as well as the face of a devil. It is a nice bronze piece probably produced as a match holder. It was used as a desk accessory to hold paper clips since the time we purchased it at a store that sold pricey collectible art and antiques in Cincinnati in the 80s. It has a beautiful patina wrought from age.

This provocative, and stunning bronze cast may be associated with the story of Sister Magdalena of the Cross, a renowned Franciscan nun born in Cordoba, Spain in 1487, and died in 1560. Stories depict her as a false mystic, “the devils’s saint for 40 years”, with scathing tests of faith, and her repentance made to “escape the evil pact.” More can be discovered concerning this fascinating story through this link, among others,

Measurements 4″ wide x 3″ tall x 1 1/2″ deep

Apollinaris Glazed Ceramic Advertising Match Striker


apollinaris match striker

This beautiful glazed and crazed Apollinaris advertising match holder and striker is an inch larger in diameter than similar match strikers. Apollinaris is a German brand of mineral water which is still available for sale in Europe (and was on sale in the UK at the time the match striker was made) and the U.S. As beautiful as the cobalt blue is on this match striker, we don’t know why they bottled and marketed the mineral water in a green bottle until recently after Coca Cola purchased the company from Cadbury Schweppes.

This Apollinaris match striker was made by the firm of W. Wood & Co, as marked on the bottom. W.Wood & Co operated between 1873 and 1932, from the Albert Street Works in Burslem, Staffordshire. The mark on this striker dates the piece from between 1915 and 1932, a similar knot work mark but without the crown was used previously on pieces made between 1880 and 1915. In addition to the ornate crown, it contains the symbol of the County of Stafford, and was used by many of the potters from Stoke on Trent. The handsome three loop knot represents “the knot unites.”

This striker does not have ridges per se, it has a rough surface for strikes between the two bands. The ample sloped dish area allows for remnants of used matches to safely be placed after use.

We picked this rich piece of advertising, pub, and smoking memorabilia in the midwest at an estate auction.

Measurements: 4.5″ diameter x 3″ tall