Retro Watch Wristrock Vintage Stone Watch



This retro cool watch from the late 80s was made from flecked granite material with copper tone metal. The minute and hour hand are housed in a similar copper tone circle with glass crystal face. Otherwise, the granite and other details are exposed. There is a triangle in deep cobalt blue that appears to be screen printed on to the granite. One can still see the detail of the granite through the design which adds contrast to the position of the silver tone clock hands. It is in very good condition. It has the original #18 genuine leather gridded black band. We purchased it while visiting a shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico at that time. Exhaustive research has never unearthed anything comparable or anything related to an 80s era company called Wristrock. The makers marks on the back indicate it has a movement made in Japan and was made in Hong Kong. The battery is a standard watch battery.

Measurements: 35 mm clock face, 40 mm casing, 17.00 mm strap width

Contemporary Tea Light Candle Holder Sconce

Contemporary Tea Light Candle Holder Sconce

Contemporary Tea Light Candle Holder Sconce

This tea light candle sconce appears contemporary and arts and crafts simultaneously. It is both stylized and organic. The material of the candle holder looks like copper but we believe it is an applied finish because it has no patina. The organic portion is steel that looks like pewter which adds to its arts and crafts charm. It is lightweight and mounts with two screws which are included.

Measurements: 17″ tall x 16.5″ wide x 11.75″ deep

Large Vintage Rocket Science Copper Printing Block

rocket woodblock
While seeking out found objects for use in our fine art we found this cool old printing block. It is extra large example with a great industrial design theme. It is a “rocket science” printing block, made of wood with copper plate. In very good vintage condition, it makes for great printing purposes or simply as a arts and science display piece. Details include various “Plan and Elevation” views, including the foot print of the rocket and “Isometric Build-Up”.