Croquete Balls (6) Antique Primitive Rustic Wooden

woodenBalls-b-9170 woodenBalls-b-9171 woodenBalls-b-9172

This collection of six wooden croquete balls are over 100 years old. They came from the home of one of the founders of a local community, never married, she grew old and passed away in the home in which she grew up. Little that came into the large old house ever left although she was neat as a pin. We decided not to clean them, they have been cloaked in the same original soil and wear for the two decades we have had them. We have had fun using them in historic displays and photographs.
Measurements: 3.5″ diameter

Vintage National Washboard

Vintage National Washboard Oak Wood Galvanized Metal Vintage National Washboard Oak Wood Galvanized Metal Vintage National Washboard Oak Wood Galvanized Metal

This sinewy form transcends this washboard from its former functional place in history to an object of simple, minimalist beauty. Start a collection of these once ubiquitous utilitarian objects, each ribbed board shoulders its own story. Imagine a wall in your loft devoid of liitle but a well curated collection of washboards. We have had friends that have rocked collections of domestic artifacts such as clothes pins, wood clothing hangers, rolling pins, … Washboards have sufficient cachet to have captured the attention of star artist Chuck Close. The New York Times style magazine “The Collections of Artists” selected Close’s collection among four art luminaries. What is but one of the objects of his attention? Washboards! This is an early National washboard marked patented December 21, 1897, Chicago, Saginaw, Memphis.

Measurements: 24.5″ tall, 12.5″ wide, 2 .75″ deep

Retro 80s Italian Plastic Office Pencil/Pen Holder and Sharpener

pencil holder
pencil holder
This retro plastic pencil and pen display, marked made in Italy, was purchased in 1985. It assures orderly storage and a built in pencil sharpener! Functional and definitely hip enough to display on a desk in office or counter for convenient use. It shows use but is in good vintage condition.

Measurements: 3″ tall x 3″ wide x 3″ deep

Vintage Eastlake Victorian Era Brass Drapery Hardware Tie Backs

Vintage Eastlake Victorian Era Brass Drapery Hardware Tie Backs Vintage Eastlake Victorian Era Brass Drapery Hardware Tie Backs Vintage Eastlake Victorian Era Brass Drapery Hardware Tie Backs

Two stately, ornate pairs (4) of brass drapery tie backs are perfect additions to complement windows and drapes in your beautiful Victorian era home. There is a cross central to the design as well as other debossed filligree typical of the era. Tie back your drapes with authentic period cast brass hardware.

Measurements: 3.5″, 3.0″ on center holes, 1.5″ wide, 1.25″ deep

Handmade Ceramic and Fabric OOAK Clown Toy Doll

clown doll

clown doll

clown doll

This very unusual, and very well made, handmade clown who was lovingly made down to the small red heart in the glaze on one of its two ceramic saddle shoes. The details are endearing. He was made with a flexible metal armiture enabling movement of arms, legs . He is cushy, soft with the exception of the ceramic details. The head, hands, and shoes with a lone big toe sticking out are fired, and glazed ceramic. His fine hair looks like it was pressed through a ricer or similar extruding device. His clothing is made of fabric and felt with internal stuffing. He is very clean, with ony a few nicks in the glaze on the soles of his shoes. A friend gave him to us in the late 90s when she was down sizing, to include in our large figurative collection.

Measurements: 18″ standing, 6″ shoulder width

Black Clay New Mexico Pueblo Pitcher Cup

Black Clay New Mexico Pueblo Pitcher Cup

Black Clay New Mexico Pueblo Pitcher Cup

Black Clay New Mexico Pueblo Pitcher Cup

We purchased this small pitcher cup in the early 90s at an estate sale of a prominent, well traveled family who lived in Cincinnati along with another pitcher and a simple, similarly styled and fired black bowl. We believe it to be from the late 40s or early 50s purchased among other significant treasures from a trip west before their children were born and raised. The clay, glaze and firing are indicative of Pueblo pottery, particularly San Ildefonso, such as the black on black pottery made famous by the late Maria Martinez. While this piece exhibits less stylization, and unfortunately no signature, we believe it, and the other objects procured simultaneously, were made in the same era as Maria Martinez’s early work.

Measurements: 7″ tall, 3.5″ diameter, 5″ wide including handle

Retro Watch Wristrock Vintage Stone Watch



This retro cool watch from the late 80s was made from flecked granite material with copper tone metal. The minute and hour hand are housed in a similar copper tone circle with glass crystal face. Otherwise, the granite and other details are exposed. There is a triangle in deep cobalt blue that appears to be screen printed on to the granite. One can still see the detail of the granite through the design which adds contrast to the position of the silver tone clock hands. It is in very good condition. It has the original #18 genuine leather gridded black band. We purchased it while visiting a shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico at that time. Exhaustive research has never unearthed anything comparable or anything related to an 80s era company called Wristrock. The makers marks on the back indicate it has a movement made in Japan and was made in Hong Kong. The battery is a standard watch battery.

Measurements: 35 mm clock face, 40 mm casing, 17.00 mm strap width

Vintage Swatch Watch 1984 High-Tech 2 Swatch Rare



Swatch watch collectors have the High Tech 2 on their list of must haves! This model is rarely found or sold. It was originally purchased in 1984. Retro, rare, and highly collectible this vintage men’s 34 mm diameter GA101 watch was produced for the Fall – Winter 1984 Swatch Collection. Its black band is plastic, its front is clear with visible movement, gray hour and minute hands and a red second hand. Like all Swatch watches of that era, it is a Swiss quartz, battery operated analog watch which is water resistant to 3 Bar/100′. It has a new battery. It is in good vintage condition, some light scratches and wear indicative of use, see photographs.

Measurements: 34.00 mm diameter case, 9.00 mm thick case, 17.00 mm strap width