Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glasses


1955 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glasses 

Bold bright yellow and green graphics feature two horse racing vigorously, one with #3 on saddle blanket. Five fastest winners names and times are listed.


1961 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glasses

Black and red Kentucky Derby text is arranged diagonally with a large front view of horse and rider wearing red.  Text is arranged diagonally with winning horses names listed randomly.


1958 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

Mid Century black and gold graphics are well done and present Iron Leige on front of glass as the last winner.  Graphics are slightly different on each side.  Horse with #2 is featured on one side, reverse side has horse with #3.


1962 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

Gold gilt text arranged on frosted glass with winners listed in red text, rider on horse # 6 draped with an oversized rose collar. Steeples, jockey caps and horseshoes are accents.


1963 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

Brown and white with gold leaf text, the rider is wearing #7. In the background, the steeple of the track is visible. Jockey caps are the other decorative elements.


1963 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

The brown and gold distinctive graphics on these glasses feature the head of a horse surrounded by text arranged in an arch. Jockey caps are the other decorative elements.


1965 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

Bold red banners float about the distinctive race track buildings and horse in brown graphics. Glass is completely frosted and highlighted by red Run for the Roses text. Roses are depicted in a large bouquet on back of glass.


1965 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

Two riders on horses numbered 2 and 3 are depicted in a side view within a circle that is surrounded by gold leaf text. Four fastest running years are listed below horses. The famous steeples of Churchill Downs are on the back of glass.


1967 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

Black squares are filled with racing graphics, steeples with pennants flying and other symbols. Frosted white squares have lists of winners. Text is gold ink.



1968 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

The famous steeple banners fly over a red and blue shield with racing graphics. Gold ink is used for the derby text.


1970 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

Green shield shaped graphics have a crossed ribbon detail for gold ink text. Red jockey caps are an accent graphic.


1972 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

Orange and green graphics feature two horses charging toward the finish line. Steeples are in green with orange used for the text.


1973 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

Elegant red, green and black graphics feature a rider and horse draped with rose collar and the famous steeples. Text and other graphics are in green.



1974 Vintage Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass

The official 100th Anniversary glass has a brownish tan frosted finish as the back drop for a horse head surrounded by a gold oval.

These vintage items are pre-owned by one family and were collected when new. Used primarily for display they were recently discovered carefully wrapped in a family storage cabinet.

1960’s Vintage Hamm’s Beer Glasses

Hamm's beer glass


The red text, gold rim and blue used for the slogan “From the Land of Sky Blue Waters” on these small beer glasses are distinctively styled.   A popular advertising product in the 60’s, these glasses were used as a unique and durable promotional item for Hamm’s Beer Company, located on St. Paul, Minnesota.

Size  approximately 3.25 inches tall by 2.375 inches in diameter 


Vintage Swatch Watch 1984 Chrono-Tech Swatch Rare

Vintage Swatch Watch 1984 Chrono-Tech

A 1984 Chrono-Tech, rarely found or sold, on Swatch watch collectors must have list! Among the Originals Family of Swatch Watches. It was purchased and worn occasionally. Retro, and highly collectible vintage considered a women’s watch measuring 25 mm in diameter. The Swatch model is LB104 and was produced for the Fall – Winter 1984 Swatch Collection. This is the ladies version of the GB403 Chrono-Tech. Its red band is plastic, it has a black case, with red, blue, and yellow hands. Like all Swatch watches of that era, it is a Swiss quartz, battery operated analog watch which is water resistant to 3 Bar/100′. It has a new battery. It is in very good vintage condition, see photographs.

Measurements: 25.00 mm diameter case, 7.50 mm thick case, 12.00 mm strap width

Modern 60s White Panasonic Cube Radio

Panasonic "cube", model R-47A radio Panasonic "cube", model R-47A radio Panasonic "cube", model R-47A radio


Vintage in a historical sense, this plastic transistor radio referred to as the Panasonic “cube”, model R-47A exhibits pure modern design and pays homage to Eero Saarinen by eliminating a “slum of legs” with a singular tulip pedestal. Manufactured in the 60s by Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, the cube measures approximately 4″ x 4″, 5.5″ tall; elevated on the iconic tulip base.

The plastic is a sophisticated matte finish, off white. The dial face is silver behind a clear eye. The graphics are mod, if not groovy, frequency numerals are in purple with a clear dial needle punctuated by an orange bubble design that can be seen through the edge of the clear plastic. The AM only frequency,volume, and on/off are controlled by two ridged silver dials on one side. The speaker is on the opposite side comprised minimally of perforations in the molded plastic. There is a jack for an earphone on the back.

Minimal in design, it has a few minimal nicks or scuffs among its simple angles, curves, and surfaces. These minor imperfections do not effect the significance of this iconic mid-century piece. Tested for full range of volume and frequency tuning, the radio requires a single 9 Volt battery (not included.)

As a design product, this Panasonic “cube” radio is a rare find in working condition exhibiting not only innovation and invention but featuring elements of other design disciplines of the 60s. This radio would be a treasured beginning or addition for someone interested in MCM design, a radio collector, a graphic artist, an industrial designer, a 60s music or record collector, …

Measurements: 5.5″ tall, 4″ wide, 4″ deep

Crushed Velvet Neon Heart Light

velvet Neon Heart velvetNeonHeart-b--3

Turn on your love light with this neon crushed velvet heart. This sensual prop was originally created as a decorative focal point for the Valentine’s Day dinner seatings and party at a trendy restaurant and lounge. Made of velvet, with a wood base, the red neon surrounds the heart in a halo of seductive light. It is powered by a solid state transformer, with 6′ cord, which plugs into a 120V (house current) grounded receptacle. The entire piece weighs less than 20#, complete with hanger assembly.

Measurements: 42″ tall, 44″ wide, 4.5″ deep

Vintage 60s Mid Century Modern Robert Long Ltd. Lighting Polished Chrome Chandelier

robertLongChandelier-b-9189 robertLongChandelier-b-9194 robertLongChandelier-b-9196 robertLongChandelier-b-9198

This stunning Mid Century Modern design chandelier has a 3′ chromed chain and chromed canopy. It was produced in the 60s by Robert Long Ltd. in Sausalito, California. A small firm, Robert Long Ltd., existed between the 1960s through the 1980s. Typically, their designs were minimalist, architectural, simple. Specified for not only modern commercial offices, as well as stylish modern homes, the fixtures are considered to be of highest quality. This fixture with its highly reflective chrome (bumper quality) finish is wired to excite the visual senses. We acquired it from an office building owned by a friend which housed a design firm which was moving to bigger digs.

The chandelier is in excellent vintage condition features five tubular light cylinders each with one up lights and one down light, or 10 total lamps. We recommend reflector bulbs for the best effect, not included.

Measurements: tubes 11″ tall, 12″ central ring, 18″ diameter

Vintage Yellow Enamel Paint Steel Pendant Light




A cheery yellow pendant light shade fixture. Made of steel with a yellow painted enamel finish on the top side and pristine clean white underside to reflect light. The waved shade is 20″ in diameter, the height is 7″. It is light enough to be supported exclusively by the swagged clean white cord (10′ included) with plug. This listing is for one light, although we have a second pendant available listed separately both in excellent vintage condition.

Measurements: 20″ diameter, 7″ tall