Crushed Velvet Neon Heart Light

velvet Neon Heart velvetNeonHeart-b--3

Turn on your love light with this neon crushed velvet heart. This sensual prop was originally created as a decorative focal point for the Valentine’s Day dinner seatings and party at a trendy restaurant and lounge. Made of velvet, with a wood base, the red neon surrounds the heart in a halo of seductive light. It is powered by a solid state transformer, with 6′ cord, which plugs into a 120V (house current) grounded receptacle. The entire piece weighs less than 20#, complete with hanger assembly.

Measurements: 42″ tall, 44″ wide, 4.5″ deep

Carved Heart 3 Dimensional Pictogram Art Card

carved i love you heart carved i love you heart carved i love you heart carved i love you heart

Can’t find the right words? Can’t quite say it? Want to remind someone just how much you love them any time, any day? They will love this “eye heart U” I love you 3 dimensional pictogram! A lasting reminder! Place it on their desk, on their pillow, or in the kitchen when the time calls for a reminder of your true feelings.

We hand carved each, one of a kind piece, out of poplar wood, front and back, then stained a passionate red. One, of a limited series, it will define your sentiments without saying a word.

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