1960’s Vintage Hamm’s Beer Glasses

Hamm's beer glass


The red text, gold rim and blue used for the slogan “From the Land of Sky Blue Waters” on these small beer glasses are distinctively styled.   A popular advertising product in the 60’s, these glasses were used as a unique and durable promotional item for Hamm’s Beer Company, located on St. Paul, Minnesota.

Size  approximately 3.25 inches tall by 2.375 inches in diameter 


Hands Free Handblown Party Glass on Lanyard

party Glass

party Glass side view

party Glass

Feel free to roam at parties, festivals, and tasting events with this vintage handblown drinking glass. It is worn over the neck, suspended by a woven lanyard. Among family treasures and oddities, we believe it was purchased in Europe during a fall touring event in the early 70s. The handblown glass design has a Northern European or Danish influence. The mouth or lip of the glass is encircled or laced with a silver treatment in which one small area shows wear. The lacing of a glass, particularly a beer glass, not only celebrates the value of the amber contents but serves to capture the foam and its volatiles for enhanced enjoyment.