Modern 60s White Panasonic Cube Radio

Panasonic "cube", model R-47A radio Panasonic "cube", model R-47A radio Panasonic "cube", model R-47A radio


Vintage in a historical sense, this plastic transistor radio referred to as the Panasonic “cube”, model R-47A exhibits pure modern design and pays homage to Eero Saarinen by eliminating a “slum of legs” with a singular tulip pedestal. Manufactured in the 60s by Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, the cube measures approximately 4″ x 4″, 5.5″ tall; elevated on the iconic tulip base.

The plastic is a sophisticated matte finish, off white. The dial face is silver behind a clear eye. The graphics are mod, if not groovy, frequency numerals are in purple with a clear dial needle punctuated by an orange bubble design that can be seen through the edge of the clear plastic. The AM only frequency,volume, and on/off are controlled by two ridged silver dials on one side. The speaker is on the opposite side comprised minimally of perforations in the molded plastic. There is a jack for an earphone on the back.

Minimal in design, it has a few minimal nicks or scuffs among its simple angles, curves, and surfaces. These minor imperfections do not effect the significance of this iconic mid-century piece. Tested for full range of volume and frequency tuning, the radio requires a single 9 Volt battery (not included.)

As a design product, this Panasonic “cube” radio is a rare find in working condition exhibiting not only innovation and invention but featuring elements of other design disciplines of the 60s. This radio would be a treasured beginning or addition for someone interested in MCM design, a radio collector, a graphic artist, an industrial designer, a 60s music or record collector, …

Measurements: 5.5″ tall, 4″ wide, 4″ deep

Community Radio Sex and Broadcasting: A Handbook

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