Vintage Cherry Wood Bourbon, Cognac or Brandy Snifters

cherry cups-b-8365

cherry cups-b-8366

This beautifully proportioned and skillfully turned (1/8″) pair of snifters were a gift, from the early 80s, well intentioned, but never used. We now envision them being used to enjoy a Kentucky Bourbon, an aged Cognac, a Lambic beer, …. We presume the natural, unstained wood is Cherry. No finish finish to confuse your taste buds! They exude a rich glow reminiscent of the spirits associated with these vessels. The wide bottom design is classic, purposeful, allowing the imbiber to swirl, sniff, and enjoy the nuances of the bouquet. The round bowl creates a natural cup to encircle with one’s hand or hands. These would make a sophisticated, tasteful gift for a connoisseur of fine things.

Measurements: 5.25″ tall x 3.50 wide x 3.50 deep