Lucky Rabbit Westmoreland Vintage Cobalt Blue Glass Plate

Blue rabbit plate



I have never seen another example of this lucky and marked Westmoreland plate in person. In my research, I have seen three examples of others sold at auctions. They were not in cobalt, but examples in milk glass, and two iridescent carnival glass. It is an extremely detailed rendering of the rabbit. The texture and details, resulting from the original form, on the rabbits fur, ears, and eye are artistically perfect! The horseshoes, and clovers also have detailed surfaces. Given the delicacy of a piece with so much edge work, it is amazing there are no chips, cracks-even hairline on the entire piece. It is perfect!

Westmoreland Specialty became Westmoreland Glass Co. relocating to Grapeville, Pennsylvania in 1924, noted for their pressed glass and table ware lines. Charles West took over the company and developed an extensive decorating department allowing the company to produce high quality cut glass and artisan made works. The company underwent changes over the decades which resulted in its sale in 1981. The new owner, David Grossman, closed the doors in 1984 after failed attempts at innovation and recovery. The mark on this plate a W that looks more like a JJJ surrounded by the work Westmoreland indicates the age of this plate to have been made after his purchase and before the time of Westmoreland’s ultimate demise.

What a cute piece to give someone in lieu of a chocolate Easter bunny or basket! At minimum, they will feel lucky to have received such an unusual, collectible, and rarely seen piece of Westmoreland glass ware.