Flea Market Decor – Made In America





Our new favorite publications are Flea Market Decor magazine and engagedmediamags! The magazine celebrates personal style with discoveries made at auctions, thrift stores, flea markets, galleries, … and attics! Not only do they spot and interpret collecting trends, but provide regional sources, as well as the how, essential to the upcycling and DIY process. I may not have discovered this tasteful, clever and creative resource on my own. We were contacted by the magazine regarding a whirligig they discovered at our online store Ephemerascenti at Etsy while researching for their article titled “Made in America.” The magazine is a treasure trove of inspiring insights and ideas for anyone regardless of budget, style, or a simple desire to transform what already exists. I hope you enjoy the article, but suggest you check your news stand for the Summer 2013 edition of the magazine.