Vintage AUTOBRIDGE Play Yourself Bridge Game

autobridge game
autobridge game contents

This packaged 1957 version of the 1950s mechanical (non-electrical) game is complete with applied sticker that reads: This package contains: New 1957 Bidding Changes.

The vintage game called “Charles H. Goren Autobridge” was copyrighted in 1950 by The Autobridge Company. Charles H. Goren was a world’s Champion Bridge Player. The box top reads “Play Bridge, Learn Alone”, “It’s Easy! It’s Fun! It’s Smart!” “by actual play with Charles H. Goren World’s Champion Bridge Player”, “become expert, match wits with Goren and other (invisible) champions in thrilling tournament hands.”

This game comes complete with a metal autobridge board and all 48 deal cards for playing different hands. The paper materials, including instruction book are in excellent condition. The box bottom is perfect, the lid has some wear to the corners from shelf wear. The word “BRIDGE” has been pen-inked in by someone’s hand. A neat, vintage bridge game to add to your collection.

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