Vintage Hawkeye Refrigerator Rattan Basket

Hawkeye Refrigerator Rattan Basket
Hawkeye Refrigerator Rattan Basket 2
Hawkeye Refrigerator Rattan Basket 4
Hawkeye Refrigerator Rattan Basket 3

Hawkeye Refrigerator Baskets were originally designed for “picnics, sportsters, travelers, automobilists, and office people.” They were made in the early 1900s, sold at hardware stores and sporting goods stores. An ad produced by the manufacturer describing the three sizes was dated 1906. This size 2 is the largest of the three sizes noted as, size 2, 1, and O. The body and movable handles are rattan with a stained finish. The removal of the cotton web buckle strap allows the sides of the stainless steel hinged lid to be folded up independently or the lid removed entirely. The inside has a non-rust metal liner and removable ice compartment. Our basket was further customized by the user to include a second removable ice compartment.The inclusion of the second ice or cold store compartment still provides an ample useable central section. There is no rust on the metal interior or inserts as shown in the photos. The original owner, G.D. Cremean, based in Lima, Ohio, “Hunter, Trader, & Trapper is identified on the lid of the basket. Ownership was clarified with hand lettering in black and gold paint, adjacent to the makers decal. The Hawkeye Basket Refrigerator logo is still legible aside “Patent Pending, Burlington 10 W.” The basket was purchased at an antique market in Ohio in the 90s and didn’t travel far from its origins. The basket could still be used for its original intention, mobile refrigeration, or better as a beautiful period display piece in a lodge, your rustic home or vacation cabin.

Measurements: 21″ long, 14″ tall and 10″ wide