Jack Phelps Folk Art Wood Carving

This figural painted wood carving by the artist Jack Phelps, was originally discovered in the late 80s at an antique dealer who specialized in folk art at their shop in Lebanon, Ohio. Lebanon is a small town that touts dozens of independent dealers and antique malls specializing in collectibles whether glass ware, furniture, house wares, ….

Although we have attempted over the years to discover something, anything about the artist who inscribed his signature and “Jamestown, KY” on the bottom of the base of this piece; we are as yet ¬†unsuccessful. Our best guess is that this carving was for, or of, a lodge member of a fraternal society.

Given the patina and primitive carving on this piece we believe it to be from the 40’s to 50’s.

Folk/Tibal Art Rooster from Central America

folk art rooster

Carved and painted chicken/rooster from Central America, Guatemala. We purchased this folkloric piece in the early 1980s from a gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio that specialized in tribal and folk art from Mexico and Central America. The style of carving is skilled, somewhat primitive. It is 9 1/2″ tall, unsigned, and has been painted in a traditional style, a very cheery object.

“The Pioneer Woman” Folk Art Painting

pioneer woman folk art painting
We found this painting in this old stained oak frame in the 80s at an antique mall in West Virginia. We attempted to discover who Mildred Bennington was aside from an obviously talented artist. As a collector, I would describe the piece as somewhat primitive but skillfully created including the manner by which it was framed. Signed along the bottom of the painting in pencil it reads “the Pioneer Woman” Mildred Bennington 36.