Vintage Sheepherder and Sheep Oak Framed Image


Sheepherder and sheep image

This prosaic image is quite old. I assume it to be a lithograph. The image depicts a sheepherder and his flock of sheep surrounded by a lush tree lined landscape with a mountain in the distance. It is such an idyllic composition and is mounted in a beautiful old oak frame with dark stain. The frame has delicate metal detailing around the perimeter of the opening. It is just one of those pieces which exudes a certain serenity and calm. We have not taken it apart, although it has some modern brads as part of its assembly. Perhaps some clue of actual age might be discovered? Neither of us know where or when it became one of our possessions. It deserves to be displayed on a wall rather than stored in a box.

Measurements: image is 9″ x 6″ in 12 5/8″ wide x 9 5/8″ tall x 7/8″ deep frame