Cedar Hill Farms Ceramic Crock Pottery

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This vintage ceramic crock was manufactured and labeled for Cedar Hill Farms Dairy. The photos depict its vintage condition, with no chips or cracks, it has some discoloration from age and use. It was among family treasures and oddities from our mid-western upbringing. Although we are certain that Cedar Hill Farms was one of over 45 dairies local to southwestern Ohio, we are not aware of its original familial origin. The plural “Farms” suggests it is connected with the collective of local farmers who’s independent dairies milk was sold to and pasteurized under the name Cedar Hill Farms. The dairy went out of business decades ago. Today, the name Cedar Hill Farm is not uncommon, there is a popular farm in Misssissippi that hosts private and public events, another Cedar Hill Farm in North Carolina serves equestrian needs as stables and training for hunters and dressage horses , another in Wisconsin, … The name bears a certain nostalgia for a bucolic setting and time, regardless of origin.