pink delight barrette
Bee Pin-Brooch
Steel Techno Pin

One of the most prolific and creative of artists and craftspeople on etsy goes by the name of walrustusk. Jen states in her profile that she “was brought up in the far north in Fairbanks, Alaska where I learned from craftsman how to adorn the body with beautiful pieces of bead work. I was transported years later to the desert of Arizona. The dry desert air creates such a different environment where you can’t help but be inspired. I have been exposed to different colors and textures that I think are reflected in my pieces.”

Her work is so meticulous and striking. Her use of color and texture appears both studied and innate. I am in awe of her focus on both her beautiful bead work and embroidery, as well as the dynamic and positive nature of her ongoing conversation with the world at large.

Her work can be found at her store on etsy , as well as her blog. These are just a few of my favorite pieces by walrustusk.