Indonesia Male and Female Sculptural Carved, Painted Drapery Accessories




These very old, beautifully carved and painted Balinese figures were purchased from a friend who travels yearly to Bali for business related to the creation of his jewelry designs. Years ago, he shipped several containers filled with antique furniture and accessories, including these ornate “tie backs” over which curtains or drapes would gently swag to the sides of a window or doorway.

Carved and painted utilizing the same technique and style, it is obvious they were conceived and carved as a couple. The patina is lovely, while some of the paint on the faces has worn away over time the carving is outstanding leaving the detail of the facial features, the hair, and his chapeau to enchant. At the top of the J in each, there is a hole for hanging. They both have some dings from age as depicted, his staff appears to have been cracked and repaired prior to our purchase. They exude a gentle, peaceful beauty as either functional objects or as sculptural.

Measurements: 7.5″ – 8″ long x 15.5″ – 16″ tall x 2.0″ – 2.25″ wide