Apple Powerbook 2400C

Powerbook 2400c powerbook2400c- closed powerbook2400c-front with floppy powerbook2400c-side powerbook2400c-back

When I think of the word vintage, I think wine, audio equipment, cars, clothing, films. Vintage to some antiquarians also conjures negative connotations – obsolete, or outdated. But, vintage as an adjective has recently seen a resurgence in popularity and use particularly in communities such as Etsy and Tumbler. Vintage has adapted to its new cachet, its time, again, is now.

VIntage Apple 2400

Now that I have your attention, 2400’s are r-a-r-e. Only the PowerBook 550 seems to appear less frequently than the 2400 and, naturally, when they do surface, they tend to demand premium prices. It’s understandable that it is rarely found, let alone, available to collectors, given the nature of this diminutive machine. The 2400 was the precursor to the MacBook Air with its external floppy drive. The PowerBook 2400c was introduced in May 1997.  Production was terminated abruptly in May 1998 to be followed by the PowerBook G3.

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