Nels Johnson Neon Photographs

Dairy Queen photograph
One of the skills we possess is the creation of neon tubing for art and signage. We saw these photos back in the early 80s displayed at an outdoor art market outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The juried show was and still is titled “Summer Fair” attracting local, regional, as well as nationally known artists creating in various media. We purchased two photographs by Nels Johnson from Florida who travels to and from similar shows displaying and selling his photography. He has one awards for his work some of which depict beautiful natural settings, some provide a nostalgic look at architecture and signage such as those we purchased. One is a color photograph of a Dairy Queen in Charlotte, North Carolina shot in the 70s. The neon and other temporary ephemeral advertisements for ice cream and fast food specialties caught our eyes. the other is This is a color photograph of a Leon’s Frozen Custard stand shot in the 70s. The architecture of the building is set off by the neon tubing. Without the neon the building would lack presence and nostalgia. It is framed with a simple black frame wood and tastefully matted. Perfect for someone’s old fashioned ice cream stand or a shrine to drive up ice cream stands omnipresent in the 50s-70s throughout the U.S.

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