Weller Hobart Bacchus Flower Frog

weller hobart bacchus flower frog

Vintage Rudolph Lorber for Weller Hobart Bacchus Flower Frog

Dionysus was the Greek god of wine, ecstasy and decadence, Bacchus was the name adopted for Roman myth. This rare Weller flower frog depicts the young cherubic boy holding grapes. Rudolph Lorber was the creator of the Weller Hobart line for which this design was originally made in the late 1920s.

Vintage Chartreuse Green Mid Century Modern Tea Pot

Green modern tea pot
Modern green teapot
The sleek lines on this exceptionally unique mid century modern teapot are stunning. The teapot is in excellent vintage condition with no glaze imperfections, chips, or cracks. We have searched for a designer or manufacturer for this design but have yet to find even a similar example anywhere. The yellow green color is also outstanding! A great display piece or functional for every day!